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The band Luca Re' and Lucy’s dreams is based on the friendship between the musicians and the love that they have for music.


Luca Re', solo singer, he realizes that it is time to implement what he feels for long time: share the project of a lifetime with the musicians and friends who will dress the songs with the transport necessary for a song turning into something exciting for the listener.


Calls therefore Stefano Marinucci, a friend of school days, drummer and long professional musician, and asked him to dress in tailored suits the naked bodies of the Luca Re’s songs.

The songs are composed for the most part with the piano, so Luke feels that something is missing so the songs have the balance and the right emotion for the listener.


This is the reasin why Sebastano Bellomia is added to the group. Pianist and keyboardist, Sebastian arrives, not to do the simple musician but to give a sense of the whole.




Sebastiano, Stefano and Luca work to bring in a italian difficult market a challenge: new songs that have the character, sound, style and mood of Luca Re’ and Lucy’s dreams.

With the collaboration of Daniel Mazzoni Luca Mazzoni on guitars and bass, Luca Re’ and Lucy’s dreams create the first EP, where there is the friendship of serious professionals who believe in a sound that can thrill the listener.


After working for the EP the three founders of the group, Luca, Sebastiano and Stefano calls, for the continuation of the project, Alessandro Paradiso on guitars and Luca Miglierina on bass.



Luca Re': Voice and author

Sebastiano Bellomia: piano, keyboards, author

Stefano Marinucci: Drums and percussion

Alessandro Paradiso: Guitars

Luca Miglierina: Bass

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